Andre Pedro

Andre Pedro

Name: Andre Pedro

Age: 29

Position: AFF Instructor, Tandem Master, Camera Flyer

Years in Skydiving: 10

Number of jumps: ~2000

First jump: August 2005

Why I started:

Since I can remember I have been in love with everything flying. As a kid I would stare at the birds and watch them fly. I remember how jealous I was of their freedom and the ease of their flight. The birds were my greatest inspiration to want to fly myself. To me it feels like skydiving and base jumping are the activities that get me closer to that freedom.

Most memorable jump:

My first jump, the first stage on my AFF, I can only remember the cold air as the door opened, for us to jump and in freefall seeing the horizon as I stabilised and the thought rushing into my head:”Can’t believe I am finally doing this” !!! But I remember exactly the feeling I had as soon as the parachute opened, I screamed: “ I am the king of the world” and from that day I knew that one day I would be a skydiving instructor.

A jump just as memorable as my first jump was the one when I passed the exam to become a skydiving instructor, surrounded by great friends who had supported me on the journey to become what I wanted to be.

What would you like to see in the future of skydiving:

I would like to see one of the skydiving disciplines in the Olympic Games. Skydiving can be an expensive sport, it would be great if our equipment would be available at a lower cost. This would help newcomers to the sport and experienced jumpers alike, oh yeah and cheaper jump slots 🙂

Andre Pedro