Connor Marker

Connor Marker

Name: Connor Marker

Age: 22

Position: Pilot

Years in skydiving: 1.5

Jumps: 14

First Jump: A tandem in May 2015

Why I started Skydiving:

I started because it just look like so much fun. Unlike anything else in the world. With my experience as a pilot it also appealed to me as nothing else could provide a more pure form of flying than flying your own body.

Most memorable jump:

My most memorable jump would definitely be my first solo jump. The feeling of completing the whole jump by myself and having a lot of fun screaming in the process. The freedom of the whole experience really took me as well. Being all alone up there is a great place to hang out!

What would you like to see in the future of skydiving:

I haven’t been privileged enough to see much more of skydiving, however, within our community I would love to see the number of tandem continue to rise and also plenty of students.

Brief history of you:

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and always love being outside doing pretty much any sport I could. Lived in Brisbane while I studied a Bachelor in Aviation and a Diploma in Flight Management which led me to Coffs to gain some well desired experience.

Jump pilot life:

Being a jump pilot came with a lot of benefits but mainly being able to call my job one of my passions is by far the most rewarding. Also, watching the passengers scream when they get out is pretty amusing!

Connor Marker