Lawrence Hill (Pom)

Lawrence Hill

Age: 50

Position: Chief Instructor

Years Skydiving: 20

Number of jumps: 4200

Why I started Skyding:

I did a lot of adrenaline sports and finally tried skydiving

First Jump:

Coffs Harbour 1995 tandem jump my camera man was Mark Rainey.

Most memorable skydiving experience:

Jumps from this year because i can remember them. Haha, no seriously. Hard after 20 years!! July turbine day was awesome for me, going fast with Throbba and the boys. Jumping with all 3 of the triplets in 1 day, first jumps for them at 11 yrs. 26th October 2013 – Australian wingsuit formation record 2009. 13 way diamond, trained for 4 days with a team of very cool wingsuiters, in Coffs at the Afterlife Boogie!!


Age 41 I became a skydiving instructor and within 4 years became chief instructor at Coffs City Skydivers (there are only 35 people in Australia that hold this qualification). I have now made a living from skydiving for 8 years and done over 4000 skydives!

Skills used to overcome adversity; Adrenalin sports have been a big part of my life, when I am pushing my personal limits in high adrenalin sports, I am focused and not searching for “thrills” in other parts of my life.


Adversity can be overcome with help from family, mentoring from older people, luck, and a willingness to change. A thirst for adventure and a love of adrenalin can give focus and the ability to look beyond present circumstances and go searching for something new.

Adversity can create an opportunity for personal growth, if you can overcome adversity, your life experiences and understanding may mean you travel more or go searching for more than just a 9 to 5 average life. The most exciting and amazing people I have ever met, have risen out of adversity to follow their own path.

What would you like to see in the future of skydiving:

Future, where now?

Me – keep on skydiving, I want to get better at Angles, need to learn to fly with control head down, get back into wingsuiting!

See the skydive club grow and gather its own momentum. The funjump/ turbine days are great.

I love skydiving, i love my family and my skydive family, i love being part of CCS. Through this support, i am able to follow my personal journey and keep learning and developing.