Sula Whitmore

Sula Whitmore

Age: 52

Position: Social Media Manager

Years in Skydiving: 2.5

Jumps: 133 and going up 🙂

First Jump:

Tandem 1997 with Coffs City Skydivers

Why I started:

I loved my first jump in 1997 and wanted to start then. The story I told myself was that skydiving is dangerous and that I need to stay alive for my beautiful then husband to be and his two young sons. In 2013 my husband decided to give me another tandem jump for my then 50 birthday, I took him with me and loved it just as much as the first time and this time I decided to stop living for other and start living for myself. We both booked into our AFF within a week of that tandem and have not looked back.

Most memorable Jump:

Would have to be my second tandem, I jumped into a new life free of limiting stories and it floored me, in a very good way. Best of all – it worked.

What would you like to see in the future of skydiving:

Personally: keep jumping as much as I can, get better at all aspects of the sport, I love flying my canopy and would like to one day support new jumpers to become comfortable under their canopy.

The skydiving community is amazing, filled with people from all walks of life, accepting of each others individualism and supporting in many different ways. I like to see that spirit grow and spill over into all parts of my life.

Sula Whitmore