Sebastian Terry and my thoughts on Break Through

Ho hum – another business group lunch and speaker (this time, Sebastian Terry), people standing around….

I had to let that idea go.

We are at an ETC event with Sebastian Terry. We start having fun connecting with people about our new product – Break Through skydive adventure, a combination of looking at your personal journey and skydiving.

After lunch Sebastian Terry hopped up on stage and away we went…..on a journey that started with a dark time for Sebastian and led him to looking at what really matter to HIM (not family ideals / society etc). His reaction was to live as though his time on earth is short (in reality that is true for all of us) and he created a list of 100 things.

Sebastian spoke about his journey (check out YouTube to see some of his presentations), the way that at the start it was all about the list. As Sebastian Terry’s journey continued, it was about how that list had made him confront his doubts, his preconceptions of how life should be lived, his fears, the stories and excuses we all use to stop ourselves getting to do those things we really want to do.

By following his list, Sebastian has been able to step beyond the limitations that we often believe are true and learn to accept the possibility that almost anything can happen when we allow it to!

What amazed me is that the honesty, authenticity, strong connection to self and freedom of choice are the same concepts that we aspire to and promote in our Break Through adventure.

Through two different life paths we have ended up at a similar place. Just like Sebastien Terry, when we take responsibility for our own lives, for the choices that we make, we can move forward to find the things we want. As with Sebastian, and in my own life, a powerful event can help break the shackles off, when we break through, we are able to see and feel the things that we want. To do this we can create (with your permission) a situation (skydive!) with an incredible level of intensity, an opportunity to feel the wild energy. Break through into the life you want, get closer to the real you, learn what your needs and wants really are.

During Sebastien’s talk he was talking about how his journey has led him to want to help other people. If you look at the video clip from the ETC FB page  a lady stood up and said she has a husband with a brain tumour and she would like some help.  She took a chance, even though she felt fear, she was willing to step through that and ask for help (which is something that our society doesn’t do very often). The result was amazing! We had a room with 190 people singing happy birthday to her husband, followed by the donation of many gifts which included a Harley Davidson Ride, a skydive (donated by us), dinner at Opal Cove resort to list but a few.

So it just shows what can happen if you’re willing to take you a chance and do the things you want to! What we would like you to do, is add us to your list of one hundred things. Come and jump out of a plane, feel the wild energy, have a break through, get to know more of yourself, tick some things off your list, take a chance!

Feel like you need a break through?

Read more about our new product – Breakthrough Adventure – maybe join us on this exquisite journey into the mystery!


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