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Want an endless Summer?
Come & learn to skydive in Australia!

Imagine coming to Australia, experiencing our beautiful country, an endless summer, and skydiving over the coast in the sunshine? Then complete one of our instructor courses and head home (or travel the world!) as a qualified skydive instructor.

Our guarantee: you’re going to walk away with a pro skydiving qualification and your headspace will never be the same again.


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Endless Summer

Why Skydive in Coffs Harbour, Australia?

Top on my bucket list for many years was to learn how to skydive, fall solo through the sky and feel complete freedom. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to start this journey than Coffs Skydivers. Coffs Harbour is a beautiful place which offers fantastic climate and weather conditions for skydiving all year around. The instructors’ professionalism, genuine excitement for the sport and their dedication to being the best support and motivation a student can wish for is exceptional. I have been stunned by the entire team’s commitment to my happiness and success during my AFF course but also their continuous support in my development and progress in the skydiving sport. No matter what, they are always keen to offer help and advice and are so much fun to be around. I have experienced one of the best times of my life at Coffs Skydivers. I even enjoyed it so much that what was initially intended to be a few days visit to Coffs Harbour to complete my AFF course turned out to be this place becoming my home now and the team my second family.

Mel, AFF Student & member of the Coffs Skydivers family

  • Yearly average day temperature in Coffs Harbour is 22C. Jump all year round!
  • Have an awesome holiday and get your skydive qualifications at the same time.
  • Surf, scuba dive, snorkel, whale watch, skydive, swim, party, chill out, cruise around, ride a motor bike, enjoy the rainforest, connect to indigenous culture, whatever you desire.
  • This is not just about skydiving, this is about life. Life choices, freedom, becoming the best form of me I can be. Yes, we have the program and formula to bring the absolute best from inside of you OUT. And we do it through skydiving.
  • Join our skydiving club, hang out with people just like you.
  • We will show you all the best spots.
  • Cheap accommodation at the DZ.

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Why Coffs Skydivers

Learn to Skydive at Coffs Skydivers

I come from France and by a succession of luck I found this drop zone. I arrived in 2015 having already established myself as a skydiver and felt straight away the energy and the good vibes of this drop zone. After I learnt to be a tandem instructor I finally found the way to explain my passion and my style through teaching and sharing. I enjoyed it so much whilst pushing my skills and with an amazing level of support I kept going. I want through to reserve packing rating, AFF and drop zone safety officer. I enjoy every day, all of the new skills and it doesn’t feel like working to me..

Germaine (AKA Frenchie) – Tandem Master, Packer and Freefly coach

Coffs Skydivers has been teaching skydiving for over 22 years!

Take advantage of our experience.

We love skydiving and look forward to sharing our passion with you. Our skydive community and club at CS has members from around the globe. After skydiving all day, it is great to sit back with a bunch of skydivers, share stories and experiences.

  • Our learn to skydive packages have a cutting edge personal development component.
  • ‘A’ certificate (15 jumps) $AUD3510 + 2 weeks accommodation at DZ for $AUD200….smiles are free 🙂

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Like the sound of an Endless Summer?

You’ve convinced me, I want to be a proffesional skydiver!

If you’ve read this far, congratulations – maybe you really are ready to come and join us in Australia for some skydiving and an endless summer?

We have been running skydive instructor courses at Coffs Skydivers for over 20 years. The journey from experienced skydivers to qualified instructor is filled with achievement, challenge and realisation of the skills and talents that are inside you.

Our instructor packages have a cutting edge personal development component.

During your instructor course you will be part of our skydive community at Coffs Skydivers. This is invaluable as it provides the support and mentoring you will need. We believe an authentic challenging environment will enable you to learn more about yourself. Come and grow with us!

The training and qualification you will receive here will enable you to travel the world so you can live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about.

Our guarantee: you’re going to walk away with a pro skydiving qualification and your headspace will never be the same again.

Courses on offer are:

Tandem Master


This is the part where you learn to become a skydive instructor, including:

– Instructional technique

– The job and the responsibilities

– Rules and regulations

– Safety

– Examinations and panel


AFF Jump Master


This is your endorsement training, including:

– Training and assessment according to the rating you are doing – classroom & skydiving

– Equipment

– Rules and regulations

– Safety

– Examinations and panel

– Minimum Requirement: 500 jumps (Australian E-certificate or equivalent)


Drop Zone Safety Officer


This part of the course includes:

– Job and responsibilities

– Rules and regulations

– Drop zone staff management

– Drop zone safety

– Meteorology

– Course director (IB)

– Examinations and panel

– Minimum Requirement: 800 jumps & ID/AFF/tandem (for more than 6 months)