Max Freefall Skydive

Most awesome skydive in Australia

Max Freefall Skydive

From: $459.00

Most awesome beach skydive in Australia!

We love skydiving, we love life! We are fun, energetic and professional. The gift you will find here is a connection to your fun side, the courageous and connected you who can achieve anything. Skydiving may change your life…

In a world gone mad, come skydive with us to find your freedom.

This tandem beach skydive is up to 15,000ft with a maximum of 70 seconds of freefall. The average duration for the entire process is 2 hrs.

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$50 deposit option available.



Dress Code

Comfortable casual dress, enclosed shoes. Skydive apparel provided.

Spectator Information

Family & friends are very welcome to watch. Your cheer squad can even see you exit the aircraft! Your media will be edited to view and take home.

Weather Information

Coffs Harbour has a great year round climate. Skydiving is a weather dependent sport. We do not jump in unsafe weather conditions which includes rain or strong winds.

Thank you for choosing Coffs Skydivers to experience the freedom of skydiving.