Coast to Coast 2017 – what it meant to me

My first thought was, awesome four days of jumping out of the PAC without having to travel for hundreds of kilometres. Plus access to coaches as part of the deal with the opportunities to improve whilst having lots of fun.

We arrived to a tent city and full on buzz on Thursday, the place was awash with people from all over the country and the world. We got straight into it, with coached four way jumps. Over the weekend I got to be both, a student and a supporter on a B-rel jumps which was awesome.





Pretty much every jump, including having a go at a star crest jump.

The second six way jump where I kept on flying into my instructors burble and had everyone else look on, apparently I can be aggressive in the sky 🙂



Understanding that it is important to change what I can and accept what I can’t and buy a weight belt. Finally landing well most of the time.

Making new connections especially with female jumpers. An all female 6 way jump with camera which was inspiring.

Building relationships with the aeroclub members who shared their venue and kept us fed through the weekend.




The opportunity to try out canopies, and buy gear on the spot.

Having experienced jumpers from other areas share their knowledge.

Connecting with the aeroclub members who shared their venue and kept us fed through the weekend.

Coast2Coast ignited a desire to be very good at what I am doing in the sky, a big thank you to the coaches and Sam for organising the tour. I am looking forward to the next one, 12 month is definitely too long to wait.




Written by Sula Whitmore, social media manager at Coffs Skydivers

Coffs Skydivers is proud to be a part of Coast to Coast 2017.

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