Kerry Weldon

Kerry Weldon

Age: 49

Position: CFO, Administration, Hilly’s PA

Years Skydiving: 5

Number of jumps: 31 (19 TANDEMS 12 SOLO)

First jump: 2010

Why I started Skyding:

Did my first tandem to celebrate my 5 year anniversary of being cancer free, following my diagnoses and treatment for breast cancer, yet my battle with cancer wasn’t the primary thing on my mind, as I was trying to cope with the grief of losing my partner of 21 years 11 months earlier, and knew when I landed that I had found the exact thing that would help me cope on the anniversary of his death.

I had heard people speak about life changing experiences, and now I knew what they meant. I was so excited about the thought of skydiving again that I was now looking forward to that date rather than dreading it.

Most memorable jump:

My first two tandems have a special place in my heart. I will never forget the compassion both Lawrence and Steve showed, and Lawrence’s words when I released Cliffs ashes, ” See ya Cliff, there you go mate skydiving, enjoy the sky it’s a beautiful place to be”.

My first solo jump was amazing too, never thought I would do that.

OH and how can I forget my stage 5 AFF jump when I lost height awareness and Hilly had to pull the pilot shute for me.


Grew up in Melbourne, spent 3 years at Chisholm Institute to get Bachelor of applied science, then spent 20 years in the rat race working for large companies in the information and technology field.

At 39 was counting the years to retirement, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following 6 months of active treatment I initially went back to work but soon decided this was no longer for me. So my partner and I relocated to Coffs Harbour ( where my family were). We had 4 years together in Coffs Harbour before my partner passed away.

After 12 months of being totally lost and grieving I then discovered skydiving and the wonderful crew at Coffs Skydivers, who were soon to become my second family. It was essentially a matter of being in the right place at the right time, Steve and Lawrence were in need of someone with admin/management skills and I needed a purpose in life.

I live and breath skydiving and probably work harder than I ever have, yet its not a job its now my way of life.

I’ve made the most wonderful friends and the support an friendship from Steve has helped me to grow from the shattered person I was into who I am today.

What would you like to see in the future of skydiving:

Want to keep having fun in the air, possibly restart my solo jumping, do some tunnel time too. Want to continue to be a part of Coffs Skydivers sharing the fun of skydiving with the public. Want our fun jump club to keep growing.