Second thoughts before jumping?

What to do if I’m scared of skydiving? It’s a great question, after all I’m about to throw myself out of a perfectly good plane from up to 15’000ft.

Well firstly, I’M NOT ALONE, it’s actually normal to be scared of skydiving and every person who has ever skydived has experienced a level of fear, from a little nervous to [email protected]#king terrified ha ha.

It’s perfectly normal, the human conditioning is steeped in fear, fear is used in so many unhealthy ways in our society, to control you, sell you ‘stuff’ you don’t need and rob you of your freedom.

Here at Coffs Skydivers our tag line is, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR IS FREEDOM.

But don’t be fooled by that unhealthy fear culture the human race is battling – fear is actually my friend, it keeps me safe when danger is approaching, it helps me to recognise danger and avert it. If I’m about to do something eneathical fear often asks the questions, “really? why?”.


So you still haven’t given me any tools I hear you say!

Ok here we go…

Let your fear have a voice, have a conversation with it, ask it what it needs and wants, find a way to get into relationship with your fear, comfort it, embrace it, after all it simply wants to be heard by you, it knows you don’t have wings and it does not believe you can fly, ‘yet’, but it’s not here to stop you, just ask you the question – ‘are we going to be ok?’.

And here at Coffs Skydivers the answer is yes, we have a 100% safety record, not one person in 21 years and 100’s of thousands of jumps has every lost their life skydiving here with us, not a single one. Feeling a little more at ease?

Let your fear have a voice, have a conversation with it, ask it what it needs and wants, find a way to get into relationship with your fear…

I hear some of you say ahhhh maybe, but not yet, I’m still scared!

Great, that’s a good thing, you are practising healthy doubt and here’s the scoop, that niggle of healthy doubt soon turns into totally unleashed, unexplainable happiness, thrill of adventure, satisfaction beyond words, accomplishment that’s immeasurable, and the most freeing liberation going.


Where are you now?

Yeah that’s right, your on your device reading my blog on fear, from the comfort of wherever you are, most likely on the ground.

Be there, in that moment, save your fear until the door of the plane opens at up to 15’000ft, that way you’ll only suffer for a split second, as next minute you’ll be falling into freedom, then after flying around the best vantage point possible you’ll be jumping all over your tandem master, with hugs and high fives like that of a gorgeously excited child, as we’ve come to rest on the golden sands of The solitary marine park in Coffs Harbour. “WOW, what was I scared of”, you’ll ask – the answer is LIFE, I was scared to truly experience the freedom of life, as it was meant to be felt.

Congratulations you super awesome courageous human and welcome to our family!

So here’s the test, yep right here, right now, I dare you to book a skydive right now!


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