Skydive Gift Vouchers – are they a good idea?

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From my conversations with the thousands of gift voucher recipients over the last 22 years, the resounding answer is YES, skydive gift vouchers are a great idea!!

Why give a skydive gift voucher?

In our modern world when we are given stuff (gadgets, trinkets, clothing), within a year or two, it wears out, doesn’t fit or you can’t remember who gave it to you. So… if you gift an experience, the memories (yours as a spectator, theirs as they skydive) that are created last a lifetime! Also skydiving is a life affirming activity. By this I mean by taking on the challenge and tandem skydiving from a plane you prove to yourself how courageous you are and feel that other challenges in life are more possible. Also you feel GREAT!

When Should I Give A Skydive Gift Voucher?

  • Christmas presents
  • Birthday presents
  • Wedding presents
  • Bucks / Hens parties
  • Graduation present
  • Anniversary presents
  • Oh, what the hell, why not present?

I could go on and on…

How Should I Give A Skydive Gift Voucher?

On the day of the special occasion, they then have 6 months to redeem the voucher.

As a surprise! So this is where the fun starts. We have had many memorable surprises over the years. Your imagination is the only limit here. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Ninja surprise.

We were waiting for 3 customers, a work van arrives at the drop zone. 4 ninja’s (full black outfits) jump out of the work van, open the back and carry 3 men with blindfolds and hands & feet tied onto our lawn. Take photos and leave, these are our customers. We untie them with smiles and a few surprised looks. Turns out they were on a fishing trip, got back to the jetty, were grabbed by ninja’s and blindfolded. Next thing they were being told they were going skydiving! They had an awesome time.

2. Husband had told his wife they were going out to breakfast.

They stopped at airport to see a friend who flies helicopters and next thing she was at the skydive centre being told she was skydiving today. The wife had an awesome time and vowed to get him back. 6 years later (that’s what I call tenacity) she pulls a similar trick on him, boom revenge is sweet. He loved it too!

So whatever your reason, buy someone an experience, they will remember your gift forever. And you will remember their smile.

Blue skies, your blogger today was Lawrence (aka Pom)

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